Her dedication and hard work led her to Vienna, where she sought advanced studies in various disciplines, including Musical Theatre, Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance, and Film Acting. Immersed in the vibrant artistic environment of Vienna, Kieda expanded her skills and explored new dimensions in her craft, nurturing her creativity and refining her stage presence.

Kieda’s pursuit of excellence and her unwavering determination to reach new heights in her career brought her to the international stage. She had the privilege of representing Austria in the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WOCOPA) held in the United States. The world took notice of her exceptional talent The world took notice of her exceptional talent as she shone brightly, earning both gold and silver medals in the singing category, a testament to her remarkable vocal prowess and commanding stage presence.


As Kieda continues to pursue her dreams, she is driven by a relentless passion for her craft and a desire to create art that resonates with audiences worldwide. With her distinctive voice, dynamic performances, and versatile acting abilities, Kieda aims to make a lasting impact in the world of entertainment, captivating hearts and minds wherever her talent takes her.